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Partnership with Blighty3D

Blighty3d specialist in custom modelling, offering everything from stabvests to full vehicles & interiors.

I am glad to announce our newest partner, Blighty3D. They specialise in 3D modelling, take a look at what they offer below.

Here at Blighty3d we specialist in custom modelling, our team are able to offer everything from stabvests to full vehicles and interiors.

Over 2022 we plan to fully eliminiate non interiored models from everything except our budget line which will be £5-10 per vehicle or £25 for our budget line eup packs.

If you enjoy cars from pre 2000 we are the place for you and our partners run a fivepd server using our assets for more information.

Our goal for 2022 is to bring standards in line with US modding.

If you are interested in both modern and vintage vehicles and eup that are detailed then join our discord and open a ticket!

Blighty3d Founder
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