We provide a broad range of services for all types of communities.

Vehicle Setups

We offer both pre-made and custom setups. All of our pre-made models are provided to you instantly via the downloads section of your account and email. We accept custom orders via our Discord Server from time to time that allow you to order a vehicle to be made to your specification.

Vehicle Skins

The service we started out doing was vehicle skinning. Since then, we’ve made major advancements in our knowledge and abilities. We can provide high resolution, realistic skins for all emergency services, specialising in those based in the UK and Ireland.

Discord Bots

Our most recent service, is our ability to create Discord Bots suited any Discord Server. We provide the hosting which means you won’t receive the bot files, and we’ll host it with a monthly payment from you. You should know however that your not tied into anything, and can cancel anytime.

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