Modding Discord Bot

Our Discord Bot is an SaaS product.


This discord bot can be fully customised to suit your needs, but is suited for modding groups. The setup process is simple and allows you to do everything yourself. The multiple features are great for anyone who wants a custom discord bot for their server.

Please note that all colours and images you see below can be fully customised, and the below are simply demo images.


A fully functional ticketing system allows members of the server to type a command and add a reason to their ticket. This gives staff a much better idea of what the person needs straight away and allows the best-suited member of staff to respond. When tickets are opened or closed, it is logged in your chosen log channel.

Members can also be added to tickets by staff.


The moderation system allows staff to issue warnings and mute, kick and ban members of the server. Each time an action is carried out it is logged and the member notified. Other vital commands such as purge and lock are also included.


Announcements allow staff members to use a command to publish their updates in an embed, customised with their theme colour and logo. 


The image command is great for things like portfolio channels where you want to show off your work, but still want to look professional. This command allows staff members to type the command followed by a direct image link and it will simply post the image in the same channel.

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